Experience the new coffee taste!

Get ready to change your opinion about the traditional coffee with our new premium coffee flavors! With African roots and soil nourishing the seeds, the chosen coffee beans deliver a fresh flavor never tasted before!

Extend your coffee flavors horizon!

Set yourself on a way to charismatic experience of tasting the premium delights coming from different parts of the continent.


Coffee to savor at café bar and at home!

Our chosen coffee beans of different premium varieties are also available in packages to be taken home.

African Coffee

$ 15,99


All our coffees are a single origin; adulteration or mixing is impossible!

Right from the quality of leaves as well beans to the roasting process, consistency is one our passions in whatever we offer. It is perhaps a part and parcel in whatever we do.

  • Meticulously curated for ensuring premium standard
  • Assurance of high quality
  • Assurance of originality as well as purity
  • Focus on equality regardless of product and customers

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