Welcome to EAFCA

What is EAFCA?

EAFCA or the East African Fine Coffees Association is a group comprised of coffee, growers, processors, producers, farmers, marketers, and exporters.

Where it came from?

It is based in ten different East and Southern African countries. This list of member countries includes Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, Ethiopia, Congo, Zambia, Zimbabwe and many other countries that are outside of this region of Africa. There are also many international members from all over the world, who are all part of the EAFCA family as well.
The main focus of EAFCA is to promote the consumption of African country throughout the whole world. And to reach that goal EAFCA has got several different programs in place to assist training and development of coffee producers and processors. EAFCA also seeks to promote the marketing of locally grown African country as well. As an organization, EAFCA believes in the economic importance of coffee within several different regions in Africa. Coffee is, after all, one of the main export products of several East African countries. EAFCA hopes that through its work, that it can raise the profile of local African coffee producers. Another aim that EAFCA seeks to achieve is to increase awareness of locally produced African coffee.

What is coffee?

Coffee is the most widely available beverage around the world. Hundreds of millions of people drink coffee.

And the only other beverage that beats coffee drinkers by numbers is tea. Coffee is made from the seeds of a berry plant. The plant belongs to the coffee family. And depending on where the coffee plant is grown, the flavor and texture of the coffee that can be brewed from the seeds changes as well. Since coffee is such a popular drink, there is also a huge demand for it. Coffee is said to have stimulant properties that can increase the energy levels and even sharpen the focus of people. Coffee also has a rich taste that is said to be quite delicious. All of these different factors have made coffee a really popular beverage. African countries, such as Ethiopia, Rwanda, and Malawi are world renowned for the coffee that they export. African coffee is one of the most widely-drunk strains of processed coffee as well!

Africa and Coffee

Several African countries are the largest producer of coffee beans. One country, Tanzania, exports as much as 40,000 tons of processed coffee a year! And that is just one country in one region of Africa. Taken into account the whole of Africa, several countries in the region easily produce a quarter of the total coffee that is consumed in the world. This means that without African countries such as Tanzania or Kenya supplying coffee, there would be a definite shortfall in the supply chain of international coffee. Many different countries, such as the UK and the US, obtain a lot of their coffee from growers in Africa. For example, international coffee chains such as Starbucks get exported processed coffee beans from Africa.
And since coffee is such an important export crop in several African regions, this means that a lot of Africans rely on coffee as their main source of income. Tanzania, which is a country known for exporting tens of thousands of tons of coffee, actually relies on coffee exports as one of their main sources of income. As much as 90% of those growing and selling coffee in Tanzania are private sharecroppers. And there are as much as 300,000 workers that are currently employed by the coffee growing and exporting industry in Tanzania alone. So it is obvious that coffee has got an important role to play in the economics of several different regions in Africa.

And with so people working on growing coffee in Africa, there are also a lot of entrepreneurs and workers who are also in the coffee industry as well. There are local African-based coffee shop chains that are based in several different African countries. For example, Java House is a coffee shop franchise which is based in several different countries around Africa, such as the country of South Africa.
There is a growing skilled workforce in Africa, who meets international employment standards, such as trained Baristas. And because of that huge population of baristas and other coffee shop workers in several different countries, there is also a huge interest in coffee competitions and events. EAFCA also holds various kinds of cupping competitions, barista matches, and other kinds of events that anyone in the coffee industry would be interested in. There are various EAFCA lectures, and workshops which could give invaluable skills to those that are in on the coffee industry in the continent of Africa.

The African Coffee Strains

What to expect from African-grown coffee?

All in Africa

Since Africa is such a huge region, there are also many different strains of coffee that are grown throughout the continent. It is not accurate to say coffee from Africa because it could refer to any one of the dozen strains that are grown in several different African-countries. Several countries, such as Kenya and Ethiopia are extremely well-known for the kinds of coffee that they grow. And with each kind of coffee that is grown in different countries, the flavors of their coffee also changes. So there is a lot that coffee enthusiasts can expect from African-grown coffee.

Unique Taste Coffee

Typically, African-grown coffee is known for its unique taste. People have described African coffee as tasting a bit fruity and sweet. And there are even hints of a floral flavor to African coffee as well. This special flavor of coffee has made people really surprised that there are even coffee strains that can taste like this. A lot of people are surprised by the sometimes citrus and even blueberry taste in the coffee that is exported from Africa. And there are even more unique flavors of coffee that can be tasted. Rwandan coffee is said to taste like citrus with a hint of bright floral taste as well.

International Coffee

With all of these different strains of coffee being grown in Africa, it is no wonder that African coffee is world-renowned and being exported throughout the whole world!


Sunjets Last Minutes 2018: A Guide to Last Minute Holidays

As a result of numerous activities undertaken on a daily basis, some people’s lifestyle just follows a normal protocol of leaving from their homes to their respective offices and vice versa. Such people are usually busy and don’t have enough time to make a proper plan for their vacation in advance. The best option that they should consider when they want to go on a vacation is last minute vacations like the Sunjets last minutes 2018. Though it is commonly called the last minute holidays, you need to make an adequate preparation within the limited time.

The first option that you should consider is getting facts and info from your loved ones, pals and colleagues that have once encountered last minute holidays and find out from them the kinds of deals and packages that are available. Their recommendations will assist you in choosing the best minutes holidays deal.

Due to the fact that you only have limited time, it will be wise if you consider an all-inclusive resort vacation. All-inclusive resorts vacation offers you most of the things you need during the holiday.

Another option to consider is browsing the internet and finding the options available when it comes to the locations and resorts. There are numerous kinds of vacation packages that are available on the internet. Some of them include flight charges and hotels that are offered at a cheaper price rate. However, just keep in mind that this sort of offers will restrain you from considering other available destination. This is due to the fact that there are limited resorts that are available for such offers. Consequently, you are required to find out the options that are available.

It is cheaper to opt for last minute holidays than making an early reservation and it is also an exciting and memorable experience. But there is the possibility of you ending up in an undesirable destination. This is one of the downsides of affordable holidays. So, if you intend visiting a particular location, inexpensive holidays may not be the right option for you based on the factors highlighted above.

Examining the Features of a Reciprocating Saw

A reciprocating saw is a cutting tool that is powered electrically. The cutting action is accomplished by the pull and push reciprocating action of the blade, hence the name – reciprocating saw. The reciprocating saw is used for cutting plaster, drywall, wood, metal, and tubing amongst many more materials. It is used most especially in plumbing, demolition, construction, electrical, and fitting work areas. The reciprocating saw is a very handy tool that suits any home technician or a do-it-yourselfer. Click here to learn more about the various types of project that the reciprocating saw is useful in executing as it has been researched and comprehensively reported.

The typical design of the reciprocating saw has a foot at the base of the blade, which is somewhat similar to the design of a jigsaw. The user can comfortably rest his foot against the surface that is being cut, just so that the propensity of the blade to pull towards or push away from the cut just as the blade journeys through its cycle could be opposed.

The multiple designs available vary in power, features, and speed, from less powerful portable, smaller, handheld types that normally have the shape of a cordless drill, and the high-speed. High-power, corded options. The speed of the reciprocating saw is measured in SPM (strokes per minute), and most of the modern models in the market are all incorporated with variable speeds, either through a dial or through trigger sensitivity. With the variable speed trigger, the blades move the fastest when you squeeze the hardest.

The length of the stroke refers to the distance that the blade travels in a one forward cutting stroke, the standard length of the reciprocating saw being 1 –  1/8  inches. Another important feature that has been incorporated is the orbital action. The action consists in the oscillation of the transverse reciprocation in an up and down manner, which is somewhat at right angles to the motion of the cut. Therefore, this causes blade’s tip to move with an oval arrangement, up and down, plus back and forth.

How the Best Golf Shoes Improves Your Game

As a golfer, the shoes you put on will have a huge effect on your performance. This is the reason why it is inappropriate to wear ordinary sneakers or rubber shoes while playing the game. Golfers always stay on their feet anytime they are playing on the court. Thus, according to data sourced from Golfbee, golf shoes are often considered as an essential piece of clothing since you will use them regularly and are subjected to deterioration and it can be likened to the pants and shirts. Such level of deterioration implies that shoes are tools that need regular replacement in a golf game.

It is essential that you wear well-fitted shoes that provide great support to the feet. Always remember that a golf swing depends on some factors like coordination, balance, and firmness of the feet, and the right golf shoes have a huge role to play in this regard.

Golf shoes are always designed with spikes. These spikes help provide good traction especially when you hit the balls on tilted areas or wet ground. In the past, golfers normally utilize metal spikes for these types of shoes. But as at today, rubber spikes are frequently used. This is due to the fact that metal setup annoying holes referred as divots near the golf course.

The right shoes should be able to provide maximum comfort. Always keep in mind that you will spend lots of time moving around when playing on the court. In short, the game requires lots of movement and you won’t stay in one position when playing the game. If you participate in a golf competition, you might not even need to use a golf cart. Thus, it is wise to use a well-fitted shoe that provides maximum comfort.

After all, the pain will make you lose concentration. The best golf shoes are those designed by reputable brands. It is recommended that you buy branded shoes because you are guaranteed of durable shoes that work well. Though they are costly, you will definitely get the best value for your money.

Tips on How to Choose the Best Garbage Disposal

If you are in the market looking out for the best garbage disposal, you will need to have a sound understanding of the type of features of disposal, just so you can end up making an ideal choice.

Primarily, you need to make a decision on what type will actually work best for you and meet your needs. There are two types of waste disposal system; the batch feeds waste disposal system and the continuous feed waste disposal system. The Continuous feed waste disposal system is the most popular and the common, owing to the fact that they are convenient to use. The continuous feed waste disposal system will run as long as you have the power switch flipped on, so you can have the food funneled into it until it is all gone. A batch feed waste disposal system, on the other hand, requires the cover of the disposal to be in place right before it starts operation.

Secondly, you need to consider the horsepower that will suit your need. Garbage disposal come in ¼ horsepower to 1 horsepower motors. If perchance you have a large household, it is without a doubt that you cook more often than an average sized family. The large family requires between ¾ to 1 HP for garbage disposal, since it will include tough waste like bones. On the other hand, for the average or small sized family that will not be cooking too often, they can make do with 1/3 to ½ HP, since they will not be dealing tough food waste compared to the large sized family.

On a final note, it is advised that you consider materials and designs. An excellent model that is built to meet your durability needs will be fabricated with a stainless steel grinding components and chamber. That will assist in resisting rust and corrosion. If you are more concerned with the noise, look out for a model that has some form of sound insulation or a model with special sound sealing technology that allows the unit to operate with a quiet hum that the typical blender sound that is gotten from a cheap model that do not incorporate noise dampening materials.

Analyzing the Labour Code on Paycheck in California upon Termination

An employer that terminates (lays off or fires) an employee has to immediately pay the employee every of the employee’s earned, unpaid wages, as per the labor code guiding paycheck in California upon termination. This last payment has to include wages earned for work done until the final day of work, and payment for any unused and accrued vacation time. If there are any unsettled wages from previous pay periods, the employer has to make up all the wages in the last paycheck as well.

It is not legal for an employer that fires or lays off an employee to withhold last payment until the end of the normally stipulated pay period.


The Labor Commissioner’s office that enforces California’s wage laws, states that a suspension of an employee should be treated as a discharge if the suspension is utilized simply to avoid having to meet the last pay requirement. An employer might, however, suspend a worker without paying up all earned, unpaid wages if the suspension doesn’t lead to termination or if the reason behind the suspension is to carry out a sincere investigation of wrongdoing before arriving at a decision on whether termination is right and the employer could show it properly investigated.

Exceptions to Immediate Final Pay

An exception to the laws that wages must be paid completely on the final day of work may be initiated when the employee’s work is carried out away from the administrative offices of the employer. Industries in which this exception to the laws applies include the oil drilling industries and motion picture. Yet even in these scenarios, all owed wages have to be paid within 24 hours of the termination, excluding holidays and weekends. Employers who terminate seasonal employment in the packaging and preparation of foods might have up to three days (72 hours) after termination to settle the final wages. In cases where the exceptions apply, the date wages are mailed is regarded as the date of payment.

Buying the Best Beard Trimmer: Features That You Must Take Into Considering

A beard that is unevenly grown would certainly look rough, and so it must be trimmed to arrive at a smarter look. When it comes to men’s styling, the options are limited, and beard-trimming happens to be one of them, enabling a proper maintenance of facial hair. You have to take into account a lot of things that will help you choose the best beard trimmer in the market.

Price is an important determinant, and the right trimmer would do an awesome job at a considerable price. Therefore your beard trimmer shouldn’t just be cheap but have functional excellence as well. Additionally, it must be practicable to use immediately, and of course, easily. It must possess changeable beard lengths, with a selection to remember the shape, length, and speed of your preference. If it has several features, you could check if you would use every one of them.

The position of the operating switches is important as well, while it would determine the ease of use and handiness. An awkwardly positioned switch won’t let you have a very good trimming experience, which would be a part of your life on a daily basis. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the buttons won’t hinder your trimming or shaving. Irrespective of all the awesome features, in the event that the beard trimmer feels too weighty, then it would not be a very good option. A lightweight trimmer would be really handy.

It’s also suggested that you check if beard trimmer possesses the option to make use of batteries, aside chargers. The period for which a fully charged battery lasts, plus the battery life are other major factors to be examined. A battery-operated option assists you to easily carry the best beard trimmer along with you when you’re traveling. It is up to you to go for either a corded trimmer or cordless one, which might also have the option to remove the lead if required.

Dining Chairs: Imparting Elegance to Your Dining Area

You can’t create a perfect place if you don’t take the dining chairs into consideration. By concentrating on these, you could make your living area unique, never boring and fresh. For the various styles and types available, visit this online store to view their mid-century dining chair collection. If you would like to make sure that your dining chairs don’t take a back seat, then here are some tips that could certainly help you out.

Matching Dining Sets are Still in Trend

Matching dining sets are still in vogue and a lot of people prefer them in their collection. However, the sets available these days are a lot more innovative and lighter. If you want to decorate your area with a complete dining set, then you should ensure that the rest of the decor theme is ‘casual’. This would add a softened look to your place. You could also opt for a set style that is not really formal, for example, the triangle or a round one.


There are a lot of materials to select from; wood could be one of the best picks. If you are thinking about decorating the area with some other options, then leather could be the right choice for you as they mingle with almost every type of decor.

Paint can be Miracle

If you want to add creativity, then you could paint some of your chairs to boost the look. Think of a theme that has a combo of white chairs and the ocean blue chairs ones.

Bright and Vivid

You could even make your dining chairs the central attraction by painting them with conspicuous colors. Another way is to paint the legs with rich colors while leaving the surface neutral. This would definitely add charisma to your area.

Mix and Match

For imparting an electric look to your place you could mix styles, however, this does not go with every decor, and hence you would require the advice of a professional.

Louis Vuitton Handbags: Reasons Why Replicas are Being Made

Louis Vuitton handbags might be regarded as the great objects of desire for ladies that are desperate to satisfy their thirst for expensive cum luxurious lifestyle as well as the appeal associated with the brand name. As they are one of the finest and costliest amongst handbags they have the unique ability to attract rave distinction and positions as city bags that are taken to high offices by top female executives anywhere. Yes, without a shadow of doubt Louis Vuitton handbags belong to the genre of awesome quality that also lasts for a very long period of time and are still seen as the toys for the haves.

Although Louis Vuitton has elegant and classic in style at all times, their looks are always subjected to the changing demand so that they are able to provide new and something fresh to meet the needs of an occasion. Perhaps, this represents another reason for those looking out for knock out styles; no sooner than you have a fresh Louis Vuitton piece in the market, you could find a precise and stunning replica.

Another factor that drives Louis Vuitton handbag prices is that collectors acquire them and sell at exorbitant rates, as they do with stamps, baseball cards, coins and Nike Dunk SB. Nevertheless beware, real Louis Vuitton handbags are manufactured from the finest quality leather that replicas follow suit to a certain extent however if you come across one derived from plastic, be warned that it is a complete counterfeit piece.

You should better check out replica handbags with original Louis Vuitton handbags to know whether they really resemble the star quality that the authentic replica purses stand for. The point is, being able to get a replica handbag of dependable quality takes a lot more amount of work from you; do not forget even the fake pieces are manufactured with finest materials available to the optimum accuracy, that’s difficult to distinguish.

What is the Best Slate Serving Board for Cheese?

If going to a cheese shop happens to be something you do regularly every week, then providing your curated delicacies on the most effective and efficient cheese board is highly necessary. Opting for the correct slate serving board could point to the difference between a wow-factor party pleaser that guests won’t forget in a hurry and a ho-hum appetizer platter. That means remembering your finest Leicesters and Stiltons by allowing them to sit unattended on a normal wood platter. An authentic cheese flight is worthy of being highlighted with all the correct accouterments like crackers, jams, and dried fruits and presented on a sturdy and properly picked cheese board.

Slate happens to be a relatively fresh material in the kitchen but has now become increasingly renowned for use as servers as well as cheese boards. This is because, for one, kitchen slate is non-porous and doesn’t absorb smells or flavors from the surrounding environment.

That said, slate exists in a lot of varieties, therefore not all slate is equal!  Coloured slate, which is mostly from overseas, is porous and has a tendency to chip and flake. Fortunately, the only slate we have seen of this variety is only discovered in home improvement and tiling stores. Kitchen slate that’s used for food service is mostly predominantly black slate, which is the least susceptible to flaking and not porous.

Non-porous slate is easily maintained since it doesn’t absorb bacteria or fats from cheese or food on its surface. A normal rub and scrub are all that’s required, while some drops of mineral oil that are food safe will help in bringing out a lovely shine and luster to slate.

As an extra advantage, the slate serving board is priced very reasonably thus making it tempting to collect an assortment of slate ware for the purpose of future get-togethers.


Evaluating the Turnaround Times of Reaction Injection Molding (RIM)

Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) can produce a positive result and quick turnaround. Because RIM technology is widely known to produce one of the most powerful, resilient and affordable products on the market, people think that it is a slow process and might not yield a positive result. For a dependable reaction injection molding manufacturer, it should take at most one month to produce the finished product. If a consumer re-orders a particular product, there is a high chance that the items would be delivered at a faster pace. The RIM process will produce an efficient end-result and it will only take minutes for each item to get through the machine, yet it must be done with a high precision of set-up and finishing producing an excellent finished item.

RIM Production Process

For reaction injection molding processing to occur, it involves the thorough combination and fusion of two reactive liquid components, a polyol, and an isocyanate to produce a reaction in a closed pressure mold. The resulting product of the two components gives rise to polyurethane and depending on the level of pressure inside the frame, can result in either a lighter or denser substance. No matter the kind of texture or feel, it will have some features like thick, strong skin with a low bulk of cellular core, with great impact resistance and UV and the capability to resist chemical.

Complex parts can be incorporated with different features like thin and thick walls with a varying degree of durometer ratings (hardness). Also, the specs help determine the level of rebound, tear strength or low compression set features. With a new invention of a product, a reaction injection molding manufacturer may be able to invent a model for product advancement and testing, and this added feature may take additional time.

Often, an item being manufactured will have the incorporation of aluminum or glass form structures, bushings or steel, and a combination of metallic materials or a single piece. The added features will enhance the functionality of the material, so it must be molded to specific instructions. Consider the factors highlighted above and make your final decision.

Offshore VPS: Tips on How to Choose the Best for Your Business

The first step is to locate a Web host, the company will be responsible for the storage of your website’s documents on its servers and ensure a proper delivery of the files to your readers’ and customers’ browsers. Offshore VPS hosting services are responsible for providing numerous amounts of monthly data transfers, email, storage and a host of other features. Even their mode of payment (monthly payments vs. annual payments) can be totally different from each other, so it is wise to do a proper research and know your company needs and major priority.

Web hosting services also provide numerous kinds of hosting, and these include a virtual private server (VPS), shared, managed WordPress hosting, and dedicated hosting plans. Shared hosting is a good option for people with limited resources and cash and they also come with some limitations like data transfer difficulties and limited traffic. Small businesses owner should opt for the Offshore VPS hosting if they want more options than shared hosting but don’t want to deal with challenges that come with the dedicated hosting’s prices.

On the other hand, Dedicated hosting comes with more powerful features and it is costly than others. It is preserved for sites that deal with a massive flow of traffic per day. A Managed WordPress hosting service is ideal for those who want to create their sites by utilizing the popular WordPress content management system (CMS), but don’t want to deal with the lots of backend stuff (such as apps upgrade and CMS, and permitting automatic backups).

If you are unsure of the kind of hosting that will perfectly suit your business needs, you can first start with shared Web hosting. You can then decide to advance to the offshore VPS hosting, a more robust, and a package full of rich feature. You can also opt for a dedicated hosting in later time. Unfortunately, some hosts do not come with these amazing features. You have to consider some factors like how much you need to grow your website and the time frame before you make your final decision.

Tips on Ways to Get Dragon City Gems

Gems are a valuable currency used in the Dragon City to pay for foods, gold, habitats, new dragons, in-game upgrades and other items. Dragon City Gems are usually obtained by completing a specific game task, but can also be earned by utilizing online hack tools invented by lovers of Dragon City.

To move up to the next level in this game, it will require food. This food can assist you to earn the gold you need to move up to the next level in the game. You can get food for your dragons via numerous ways. One of these options involves the use of gems. While you can get all these features by following the normal way, but in reality, it is very difficult to achieve this feat coupled with the fact that it is time-consuming. This is where the use of Dragon City hack comes into play.

These Dragon city gems hack can help provide the gems needed without much difficulty. In fact, you are the one in charge of these hacks and cheats and you can decide to use it in any way you like. You can decide to earn any amount of gold, food, and gems as you wish. It is possible to gain numerous resources at a start with immediate effect. Also, you can also decide to utilize a little benefit at a start. All these depend on you and your needs. In actual fact, you are in total control of the whole situation as you can do as you please.

Always remember that this Dragon City hack can help quicken things with little or no effort, which then allow you to shift your focus to the other aspects of the game that are of utmost priority. When it comes to specific Dragon City cheats, there are numerous factors to take into consideration. Apart from making sure that you have a full knowledge and understanding about elemental dragons, another thing to keep in mind is to consider how you set lower times for food whenever you have little gold. Endeavour to consider the factors highlighted above and you will find yourself on the right path to achieving your target.

Bissell Hard Floor Expert Review: Examining the Features of the Bissell Vacuum Cleaner

With most homes featuring all types of floorings, establishments have now come to the realization to create a multi-functional vacuum that could function on every surface with the same efficiency. Though there is a myriad vacuum makes available in retail stores everywhere, you will have to read a Bissell hard floor expert review and exercise caution while opting for the best one to meet your needs. The following are a few things to consider.

Maneuverability and suction ability

Irrespective of the surface you are trying to clean, the maiden thing you should be on the lookout for is whether you’re able to maneuver the vacuum very well. Your vacuum must really, be able to get to the remotest of corners and also be able to suck dirt and dust without getting clogged.

Less destruction to hardwood floors during the carpets to wood flooring transition

You have to make sure that your flooring is not affected as you alter settings during the transition from the tile surface or the carpet to the hardwood on your vacuum. Many vacuums overlook this fact and cause cracks and indentations on the floor. Thus, this is one very important consideration while getting a vacuum cleaner for your hardwood flooring.

Added features on the vacuum cleaner

Aside from very good suction capabilities, wouldn’t it be awesome if your vacuum could boast of having empty cup technologies, swivel heads, and others? Yes, with organizations trying to add more and more features on their models in a bid to entice homemakers, the number of benefits and attachments is a comparison you need to make between several vacuums before you go for one.

Direction of exhaust

Another essential factor would be to locate the exhaust emission. In a majority of the vacuums, the exhausts are in the direction of the floor meaning that instead of eliminating dirt, you could end up chasing them on hardwood floors. You would have to make sure that the dirt is either released away from the flooring or collected in a dirt bag.

Using a Swaddling Blanket Effectively For Your Baby

A swaddling blanket is simply used in wrapping your baby safely from their shoulders to their feet. This practice of baby-swaddling could actually be traced back to centuries ago and it’s still very popular in a lot of cultures nowadays. American Indians make use of bands and the blanket plus they have more sophisticated swaddling techniques too. The momming blog has a great guide of the top swaddle blankets for your infants.

The use of a swaddling blanket is an awesome way to calm and soothe your restless infant. It has also been revealed to also assist in lowering the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). At 3 months of age the risk of having SIDS is at its best and by the use of the traditional American swaddling techniques, the blanket could provide the baby with a way to escape.

The swaddling blanket lets the baby stay in a more stable position while he or she is asleep, this truly reduces the SIDS risk. Furthermore using this blanket has been revealed to assist the baby to sleep better and for a larger amount time in addition to being more comfortable. The blanket opposes any swift movements that can prompt the baby to wake up. This, in turn, assists in improving the parent’s sleep quality and the no. of hours they sleep as well.

Babies that are wrapped in a swaddling blanket are said to feel safer, this feeling is almost like how they felt before they were born whilst in their mother’s womb. The blanket aids in regulating temperatures, thereby letting the baby be cozy and warm while sleeping.

If the baby is carefully placed in the blanket while he or she is awake the mother could easily hold on to and carry the baby around, the blanket turns the child into a little manageable bundle. The blanket makes sure that the hands of the baby won’t be an obstruction during breastfeeding time.