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Reasons to Join AFCA


Monetary Benefits


  1. Registration fees for the African Fine Coffee Conference & Exhibition, Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) and Europe (SCAE) and AFCA workshops.
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  2. Members also receive discounts on advertising on the AFCA website and in AFCA publications.
  3. Free sample entrance to the AFCA Taste of Harvest Competition.

Tangible Benefits

Information and Website Resources

  1. Four free copies of the African Fine Coffees Review Magazine (1 per quarter)
  2. Free member press releases announcing upcoming events and developments on the AFCA Blog and Magazine
  3. AFCA Member Resource Centre with the key reports and presentations
  4. Free vacancy announcements on the AFCA Blog
  5. 1 free Member of the Month profile
  6. Membership Certificate
  7. AFCA Annual Report

Skills Development Benefits

  1. Access to AFCA Coffee Institute Lead trainings, capacity building workshops and symposiums.
  2. Opportunities to positively contribute to the African Coffee through our pool of writers, trainings and volunteering.

Marketing & Networking Benefits

  1. First Access to the Tastes of Harvest Scores once out.
  2. Access to regional Meet the Coffee Buyer events/workshops, coffee clubs and breakfasts to encourage networking
  3. Recognisation through the annual AFCA Awards and Competitions
  4. Online community through Facebook and Twitter
  5. Access to AFCA Membership Directories at the request of a member.


  • ANNUAL Membership: US$ 500
  • TERM Membership: US$ 1200