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(presentations are ordered by first name of speaker)

Opening speech by the Guest of Honour, Honourable Jumanne Abdallah Maghembe (MP) (37KB)

Adolph Kumburu - World Market Appreciation (522KB)

Alexandra Katona Carroll - CQI and the Q Coffee System (5.26MB)

August Burns -Developing Sustainable Health Programs in Coffee Growing Communities (5.44MB)

Bruce Mullins - the growth and importance of "direct trade" coffee in consuming countries (7.57MB)

Coen van Beuningen & Catherine van der Wees - How to acheive high quality coffee as a user group (1.78MB)

David Giswold - Production of African coffees: increasing output and quality (7MB)

David Nalo - The EAC Common Market A boon to trade in the region (10.18MB)

Denis Seudieu - The Common Fund for Commodities as a Major Financier of Coffee Development Projects (2.44MB)

Diego Pizano – Salazar - Towards Sustainability – Hands-on solutions for the coffee sector (3.34MB)

Emma Joynson-Hicks - Is there a future for women in the coffee industry in East Africa? (836KB)

Gary Milsted - The Nescafe Plan (8.68MB)

George O. Ooko -Asset Financing The Coffee Sub-Sector in Kenya (1.56MB)

Getu Bekele Gedefa - Arabica Coffee Research and Development Intervention to Improve Coffee Production and Productivity in Ethiopia (7.47MB)

Graham Mitchell - Collaborating for Shared Value (2.99MB)

James Teri - Contributing to a profitable & sustainable coffee industry in Tanzania (29.68MB)

Jean-Yves Hansart - Support to Coffee (415KB)


José Sette - Outlook for the World Coffee Market (914KB)

Judith Ganes Chase (4.03MB)

Kerstin Linne (4.78MB)

Lawrence W. Jones - The Producer, the Consumer, and Matters of Health Awareness (3.31MB)

Michael Nkonu - The Fairtrade Difference (5.35MB)

Noemi Perez - Financial schemes for coffee sustainable producers and and SMEs (1.14MB)

Oscar L. Schaps (933KB)

Philippe de La Katulle (1.65MB)

Phyllis Johnson - Making A Difference with Women in Coffee (352KB)

Stefan Cognigni - Building Coffee Farmers' Alliances (5.7MB)

Ted Lingle - Adding Value to Robusta (5.26MB)

Tim King (451KB)

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