African Taste of Harvest

EAFCA Concept

The AToH or African Taste of Harvest is a concept that was created by the EAFCA. After consultations with various coffee experts from around the world, EAFCA decided to sponsor an event that is going to highlight all of the strengths of the African coffee growing community. The Taste of Harvest event is a coffee cupping competition that follows the models that are set by similar international competitions. This will mean that various participants in the African Taste of Harvest will get to experience some of the international levels of standards when it comes to Coffee Cupping.

Events Hosting

Member countries that are holding the African taste of Harvest event are meant to be fully independent in the hosting of their own events. However, they will receive technical support and assistance, which is provided by the EAFCA. Any winners of the competitions will be announced throughout various national levels. And at the end of each national competition, the winning coffee from one country is then submitted to a judging panel. This panel will consist of international coffee experts. And they will then judge all of the submitted coffee to find the best African coffee that was grown that year.