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JETROWhat is the AToH&A?

The AFCA sponsored regional “Taste of Harvest” concept was created after consultations with experts with previous experience in coffee cupping competitions, using other international coffee cupping programs as a model.

AFCA’s aspirations as a regional coffee entity are to foster increased domestic and international awareness of the unique coffees produced in our member countries of Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda Zambia, and Zimbabwe and to create a platform for exposure of these coffees to international buyers/importers/traders, roasters and consumers.

AToH&A involves a number of co-ordinated and sequential activities organized by the AFCA Secretariat in each country Chapter. The backbone of AToH&A lies in national cupping competitions, including media announcements, samples from producers and exporters, receiving of samples, cupper panel selection and coordination of the competition itself.

Each country takes full responsibility for country’s national coffee cupping competition with support and technical assistance from the AFCA Secretariat. Competition results are announced at national level at the end of each country competition and the winning coffee from each country are subsequently submitted for judging by an international panel of coffee cupping judges at the annual African Fine Coffee Conference and Exhibition.


Each country Chapter is requested to solicit volunteers and form a steering committee.

    • to coordinate and organize national level competitions
    • to issue media announcements on local radio and national newspapers
    • to arrange for secure storage of samples
    • to solicit submissions of specialty grade coffee samples from farmers, co-operatives and exporters:
      • Samples of 4kg each of clean specialty grade green coffee
      • Samples to be clearly marked with:
        • Receiving number
        • Farmer / cooperative name
        • Village / area / region / country
        • Coffee variety
        • Farm description:
          • Altitude
          • Soils
          • Rainfall
          • Size of farm
          • Average annual producti
    • set dates of competitions
    • assist in selection of qualified, unbiased panel of judges, to include individuals from both private and public sectors
    • determine venue for competition
    • arrange for volunteers to organize:
      • Familiarization of SCAA competition guidelines
      • Roasting according to SCAA competition protocols
      • Supplies, i.e. water, spoons, local logistics
    • arrange for announcing winners of the competition
    • hosting of a post-competition Coffee Club cocktail hour for the local industry
  • Top 5 producers to be recognized through media at national level
  • Top 5 nationally-selected coffees are submitted to the “African Taste of Harvest” competition and judging event at the next African Fine Coffees Conference and Exhibition, for judging by an international panel. These top 5 coffees from each country are vacuum packed and stored appropriately in order to preserve freshness until the “African Taste of Harvest” event.
  • Coffees are evaluated and graded against known national characteristics and qualities. Countries do not compete against each other, and as such any country/coffee can receive as high a score as its neighbour
  • The 2 coffees with the highest score from each country to be highlighted at the conference cupping pavilion, and offered for tasting to all conference and exhibition attendees throughout the conference period

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  • Develop increased awareness of value and importance of coffee at national level
  • Promotion of the value of quality coffee on a national level
  • Top quality specialty grade producers to be promoted and recognized at national, regional, and international levels
  • Smallholder producers will realize that they too can create winning coffees
  • This program should encourage each country’s industry to work with their producers, through training, education and co-operation to achieve higher quality coffees and hence premiums
  • Increased awareness domestically, regionally and internationally of the high quality coffees that are produced in Eastern and Southern Africa

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Long term goal

AFCA hopes to use the AToH&A platform as a basis for future African specialty coffee auctions.

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Past and present events

AToH&A 2004 – Nairobi, Kenya

The judging panel

  • Willem Boot (Boot Consulting, USA) – Head judge
  • Jeremy Block (Dormans, Kenya)
  • Phyllis Johnson (BD Imports, USA)
  • Don Jensen (Bridgetown Coffee, USA)
  • Collen Crosby (Santa Cruz Coffee Roasters, USA)
  • Guy Burdett (Inter American Coffee, USA)
  • Lindsey Bolger (Green Mountain Coffee, USA)
  • Chris von Zastrow (AFCA/RATES)

The results

Results were withheld due to the nascent stage of the AToH&A at the national levels of the country Chapters.

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AToH&A 2005 – Livingstone, Zambia

The judging panel

  • Mane Alves (Coffee Lab International, USA) – Head judge
  • Craig Holt (Atlas Coffee Importers, USA)
  • Sunalini Menon (Coffee Lab Private Limited, India)
  • Paul Songer (Songer & Associates, USA)
  • Daniel Mulu (Worbek Industry & Trading, Ethiopia)

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AToH&A 2006 – Arusha, Tanzania

The judging panel

  • Lindsey Bolger (Green Mountain Coffee Company, USA) – Head judge
  • Menno Simons (Trabocca B.V., The Netherlands)
  • Mane Alves (Coffee Lab International, USA)
  • Daniel Mulu (Kraft Foods, Ethiopia/Workbek, Ethiopia)
  • Sunalini Menon (Coffee Lab Private, India)
  • Arnoldo Leiva (Coffee Source, Costa Rica)
  • Julio Paiz Martinez (Mitsubishi Coffee, Japan)
  • Mauricio Murillo (Mr. Coffees Barista Training School, Australia)
  • Taro Suzuki (Saza Coffee, Japan)
  • Craig Holt (Atlas Coffee, USA)

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AToH&A 2007 - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

The judging panel

  • Ric Rhinehart (Groundwork Coffee Company, USA) - Head Judge
  • Anna Illy (Illy Cafe SPA, Italy)
  • Craig Holt (Atlas Coffee Inc., USA)
  • Cristina Garces (Cafe Montes y Colinas, Colombia)
  • Shunta Baba (UCC Ueshima Coffee Company Limited, Japan)
  • Taro Suzuki (Saza Coffee, Japan)
  • Masahiko Kanazawa (UCC Ueshima Coffee Company Limited, Japan)

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