Bissell Hard Floor Expert Review: Examining the Features of the Bissell Vacuum Cleaner

With most homes featuring all types of floorings, establishments have now come to the realization to create a multi-functional vacuum that could function on every surface with the same efficiency. Though there is a myriad vacuum makes available in retail stores everywhere, you will have to read a Bissell hard floor expert review and exercise caution while opting for the best one to meet your needs. The following are a few things to consider.

Maneuverability and suction ability

Irrespective of the surface you are trying to clean, the maiden thing you should be on the lookout for is whether you’re able to maneuver the vacuum very well. Your vacuum must really, be able to get to the remotest of corners and also be able to suck dirt and dust without getting clogged.

Less destruction to hardwood floors during the carpets to wood flooring transition

You have to make sure that your flooring is not affected as you alter settings during the transition from the tile surface or the carpet to the hardwood on your vacuum. Many vacuums overlook this fact and cause cracks and indentations on the floor. Thus, this is one very important consideration while getting a vacuum cleaner for your hardwood flooring.

Added features on the vacuum cleaner

Aside from very good suction capabilities, wouldn’t it be awesome if your vacuum could boast of having empty cup technologies, swivel heads, and others? Yes, with organizations trying to add more and more features on their models in a bid to entice homemakers, the number of benefits and attachments is a comparison you need to make between several vacuums before you go for one.

Direction of exhaust

Another essential factor would be to locate the exhaust emission. In a majority of the vacuums, the exhausts are in the direction of the floor meaning that instead of eliminating dirt, you could end up chasing them on hardwood floors. You would have to make sure that the dirt is either released away from the flooring or collected in a dirt bag.


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