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Humans have been drinking and enjoying coffee for centuries. And since coffee is such a beloved beverage, a lot of people have been writing songs and poems about it. The record of coffee drinking can date back into the past as much as several hundreds of years ago. The main reason for why coffee is so popular is the fact that it can increase the intellectual stimulation of people. Coffee has become one of the most popular crops that are being grown and consumed around the world. And this long history of coffee has supported millions of people through the industry of coffee growing. This means that with coffee’s long history, there are several different strains of coffee that are being grown.
The different kinds of coffee that are being grown are usually because there are different kinds of coffee that are being produced in various different regions. And since Africa is such a large region, this means that there are many different flavors and tastes of different coffee strains throughout the continent. All of these different kinds of coffee from Africa are unique. And with each different kind of country that grows their own strain of coffee plant, the number of coffee flavors that are available also increases.

With the huge number of different coffee flavors and strains that are available, EAFCA also has got various member countries as well. EAFCA currently maintains different association chapters in at least 10 different East African countries. Each of these 10 different EAFCA chapters is all subordinate to the main EAFCA board. But all of these different chapters are independent as well. EAFCA association chapters can actually independently organize their own events and even host their own competitions. Each EAFCA association chapter is unique in its own way. And various member countries can choose to form their own chapter as well.
In total there are about 10 different association chapters that are part of EAFCA. These 10 different EAFCA chapters are also based in several different EAFCA member countries as well. A short list of these member countries includes Rwanda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia and much more. All of these different member countries follow strict rules whenever they are producing processed coffee. This is to ensure that the coffee that is being made in these different countries is actually going to meet international standards.
EAFCA takes pride in its member chapters. Each drink of coffee that get from an EAFCA member is going to be delicious. Intense care is taken whenever the coffee is produced. Thus, you can rest assured that you are only drinking the highest quality coffee when you drink one made by an EAFCA member. EAFCA members all take great care in the growing of the coffee crop, harvesting of the coffee, to the final processing of the coffee itself. All of the EAFCA member chapters are following strict rules when it comes to drinking coffee. The best African coffee is always produced by EAFCA and its members. And EAFCA members are some of the top-leading coffee producers in the world!