East African coffee distributors need high quality inmotion hosting

You may be thinking to yourself that your East African coffee grinding operation doesn’t really need an online presence. Chances are, you have no shortage of potential customers in your particular area. In fact, East African coffee is so rare that lower level and even higher lever distributors never lack for a ready stream of eager, willing and ready buyers.

Given this set of circumstances, you can easily be forgiven for thinking that you don’t need an online presence. Alternatively, you may be under the impression that you only need to set up a very basic website. In fact, you might even have in mind some sort of glorified online business____. I can definitely see where you’re coming from but you have to look at your business not just from where you stand right now, but also five, ten or even twenty years into the future.

Given how hot the demand is for East African coffee, you really are cheating yourself if you think that you’re going to stay this small. You may be making several hundred thousand dollars a year, but you can easily be making millions. Even if you are making over seven figures, you can easily be making eight figures. Why limit yourself? Why restrict your activities based on demand patterns as they exist in the here and now?

East African coffee is not going to go away anytime soon. Its demand levels are going to go up over time as more and more people hear about how awesome it is. When the word gets out there, don’t be surprised if your business starts to blow up. That’s why you need a solid online presence.


This online presence is not just some sort of glorified calling card. Its job is not just to tell people from all over the world the amazing taste as well as health benefits of East African coffee. Instead, you want your online platform to actually be a business processing arm of your business. What do I mean by that?

Well, first of all, you must be able to handle payments online. You should also be able to coordinate with potential vendors and suppliers over the internet. Finally, you should be able to create a community around your content so you are going to always be the first one to know when consumer trends and demand levels change over time. After all, consumers and their changing taste will determine whether your business is going to continue to be around or at least look the way it does now. Do you see what’s at stake here? Do you see all the information that’s involved in this situation?

Unfortunately, you really can’t take things to the next level if you insist on simply having a shallow, fairly flat and one dimensional website. That’s just not going to cut it because how is your brand going to grow? It doesn’t even do a good job distinguishing itself from the other sources and distributors of East African coffee out there.

My point here is that you should not just look for the same basic solutions your competitors readily flock to. You know what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the free web hosting platforms they use like blogger. Blogger, as powerful as it is (after all, it’s owned by Google) has severe limitations. When you share the url of your blogger based website, people will instantly know that it’s a free host. They don’t even have to visit your website. How would they know? Well, it will have your name and then blogspot.com. That’s how they would know.

Why is this a bad thing? Well, if you consider your organization a truly professional one, you’re going to be sending out all the wrong signals because you tell people, who are possibly thinking of doing business with you, that you don’t take your business so seriously that you would invest a few dozen bucks every year on a unique domain name.

Now you might be thinking that this is an empty detail. You might be thinking that this is not that big of a deal, but let me tell you. If you’re in a situation where a potential big customer is choosing between you and a competitor, every little detail counts. It may come down to your decision to host your website on a free host. I know it seems trivial, I know that it seems like a very small, insignificant detail, but that can easily be the digital straw that broke the camel’s back.

Unfortunately, it happens in a very invisible way. From your perspective, all you see is whether your business gets the deal or not. You’re completely clueless to the fact that your decision to host with a free provider is what caused you that deal. Now, that deal might be only worth a few thousand bucks, but if you suffer from such missed opportunities once too often, you might be out of sever hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions. This is a big deal.

Do yourself a big favor and look into high quality hosting services. Now this doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank. This doesn’t mean that going with inmotion hosting or other high value mission critical professional hosting services would have to cost an arm and a leg. All it means is you are investing in your brand. All it means is that you’re going to go all the way to ensure that there are no loose ends as far as the impressions you give to potential buyers, partners and other people who bring opportunity your way.

As awesome as inmotion hosting may be, you need to look at all the details. You need to see how it stacks up to other hosting providers so you can make a truly informed decision. Make a truly informed decision on mission critical hosting by lining up your needs versus our review of inmotion hosting.

As you read through this review, it should become abundantly clear what your needs are and how they line up with the value and as well as features inmotion hosting brings to the table. Then and only then would you be able to piece everything together so you can make the right call.


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