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It happens all the time. You are at a cafe and you order a fairly obscure blend of coffee. Other coffee fans turn to you to acknowledge that your taste is a little bit different from theirs. This actually highlights your level of sophistication because most people often order the tried and proven. They rarely venture out of the safe confines of their comfort zones when it comes to coffee.

This is a familiar story because it applies to all other areas of personal style, not least of which our facial hair. If you’re a man, you already know that beards have not only made a comeback but have taken male styling by storm. It seems that almost all male celebrities, at some level or other, have sported a beard or a tremendous amount of facial hair in recent years.

This is not a fluke because as more and more people discover the distinct charms and unique personal branding opportunities made possible by facial hair, this trend has essentially redefined male style.

Websites like have become the online clearing house of everything and anything related to male facial hair styling. These websites enable you to find out the latest and greatest trends in beards. They also tip you off to a wide variety of products and accessories that will help you take your beard to a whole other level.

Just because guys wear their facial hair a certain style doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re stuck with that style. You can definitely march to the beat of your own personal drummer using these types of websites because they feature a wide range of beard-styling options. This way people can’t easily dismiss your beard as you simply getting on a bandwagon.

Instead, you can select a specific style that speaks to your particular and exclusive personal sophistication. This is not much different from walking into a coffee shop and ordering a coffee blend East Africa that is fairly rare. That alone speaks volumes regarding your coffee experience and your personal style.

The same applies to what people see on you. We’re not just talking about your clothing, your choice of headgear and footwear. We’re also talking about your accessories and the way your beard or facial hair is presented. All of these create a unique and distinct personal brand. All of these work together to make you look quite apart from everybody else.

This is your personal style. This is your personal brand, and when paired with your selections in food and beverages, you put your stamp on everything. It may seem like a passive thing because everybody has their own taste in coffee after all. However, it all adds up, and it goes a long way in helping you stand out in the crowd. You’re no longer just a face in the crowd. You’re no longer just another person on some sort of bandwagon.

Instead, if you select the right styling options from, your personal style is unmistakable. People could see you a mile away. They cannot deny you. They cannot try to explain the way you’re styled. You just bring something unique and distinctive to the conversation.

Now, isn’t that awesome? It’s definitely much better than being yet another person wearing yet wearing another generic beard or ordering yet another all-too-forgettable mug of coffee.



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