Vehicle Ramps Make Coffee Plantation Vehicle Repairs Easier


Great East African coffee comes from great management of coffee plants, which collectively require great coffee plantation care. This is easier said than done. An East African coffee plantation requires the right vehicles for tip-top operation. It also requires that these vehicles be in great repair. You need the right equipment for this.

Vehicle ramps make it so much easier for coffee plantation managers and operators to repair vehicles. Why? Well, vehicle ramps take a lot of the labor out of jacking up a wheel. Have you ever caught a flat in the middle of nowhere? Worse yet, did your car suffer from a flat in the middle of the summer?

There’s nothing more uncomfortable than having to jack up a car in the middle of a hot, beating sun with sweat dripping down your face and on your back and regardless of what you do, it seems like you can’t jack your car up fast enough to replace its wheels. It’s no wonder a lot of Americans simply just refuse to do this kind of thing and simply call a tow-truck company.

What if you don’t have that option? Wouldn’t it be better to just drive your car up a ramp so you can get under it to do the necessary repairs? This is obviously not as convenient in the open road, but it can be such a great time saver at your home.

The same applies to your coffee plantation in East Africa. Instead of giving tire jacks, you can use rigid, heavy-duty vehicle ramps to make quick work of basic mechanical repair, vehicle maintenance or flat tires. The secret, of course, is that these ramps are made of high-grade material. They don’t fold under pressure. They’re also weight tested.

Some ramps would be able to handle only small cars. Others can take the punishment of heavier vehicles. Even others are such heavy-duty models that they can pretty much handle even the heaviest truck. It all depends on the stress and weight testing and grading of the model you buy.

This is the key. If you are a homeowner in the United States or a coffee plantation owner, it wouldn’t matter. You still have to select these types of products the same way. You need to focus on kind of vehicles you currently have, what kind of cars and trucks you might possibly get in the future and make sure that these are all reflected in the weight or pressure rating of the ramps you buy.

Otherwise, don’t be surprised if you get a ramp that is intended or designed for lighter vehicles and see it collapse because you used it with a car that is much heavier.

If you’re unclear as to what type of product to buy or which model or make to go with, use online reviews for this type of equipment. You would be able to spot high-quality products that fit your particular set of circumstances.


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