What is the Best Slate Serving Board for Cheese?

If going to a cheese shop happens to be something you do regularly every week, then providing your curated delicacies on the most effective and efficient cheese board is highly necessary. Opting for the correct slate serving board could point to the difference between a wow-factor party pleaser that guests won’t forget in a hurry and a ho-hum appetizer platter. That means remembering your finest Leicesters and Stiltons by allowing them to sit unattended on a normal wood platter. An authentic cheese flight is worthy of being highlighted with all the correct accouterments like crackers, jams, and dried fruits and presented on a sturdy and properly picked cheese board.

Slate happens to be a relatively fresh material in the kitchen but has now become increasingly renowned for use as servers as well as cheese boards. This is because, for one, kitchen slate is non-porous and doesn’t absorb smells or flavors from the surrounding environment.

That said, slate exists in a lot of varieties, therefore not all slate is equal!  Coloured slate, which is mostly from overseas, is porous and has a tendency to chip and flake. Fortunately, the only slate we have seen of this variety is only discovered in home improvement and tiling stores. Kitchen slate that’s used for food service is mostly predominantly black slate, which is the least susceptible to flaking and not porous.

Non-porous slate is easily maintained since it doesn’t absorb bacteria or fats from cheese or food on its surface. A normal rub and scrub are all that’s required, while some drops of mineral oil that are food safe will help in bringing out a lovely shine and luster to slate.

As an extra advantage, the slate serving board is priced very reasonably thus making it tempting to collect an assortment of slate ware for the purpose of future get-togethers.



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